Small Groups are a safe place where you can gather with others to grow in your faith journey. 

Groups are arranged in a variety of ways including: 


Our groups are offered to a range of age groups which spans our entire congregation. Some groups are solely based around age while others are more open to all ages.


There is a place for everyone here at FBC. For the seasons of life where you need gender specific mentorship, the seasons when you might be looking for "the one," and even seasons where you're just not sure about relationships all together. There are small groups to help you navigate all seasons.


There are small groups that are more lecture based, some are round table, and others that are more activity specific. We hope you can find a place here to connect.

We desire for everyone to find a place where they can connect and grow with others.

  • nursery / Bedbabies

    Linda Davis

    The Nursery area can be accessed in the Burns Building which is nearest the playground. Within the

    Nursery area are the Babies, Toddlers, and Preschool classes. The Nursery has signage above the door.

    All persons working in this area have been carefully screened.

  • toddlers

    Kevin and Natalie Hardy

    Burns Nursery Suite

    The children have developmental toys that promote large and small motor skills as well as having music and books read to them as they are introduced to Jesus.

  • 2- 4 y/o

    Linda Davis

    Burns Nursery Suite

    Preschoolers have interactive activities that promote learning the Bible. This class also uses "Bible Studies For Life" curriculum by Lifeway.

  • k-2nd Grade

    Linda Basford

  • 3RD/4TH/5th grade

    Angie Tyler

  • Middle school boys

    Nikki Maddox

    Upper FLC Room 610

    This is a high energy, silly and rambunctious group of 6th-8th grade boys. Learning about Gods word and navigating through major life changes with a concept of the Gospel. 

  • High school boys

    Nikki Maddox

    Upper FLC Room 611

    A time for HS Guys to come together in a fun filled environment that also impacts the lives of young men to live boldly for Christ. Lessons are biblically based to help each teen face the struggles of everyday life and help them apply these teachings in a practical way. 

  • ms/hs girls

    Nikki Maddox

    Upper FLC Room 612

  • Victory Class

    Dan Tackett

    Burns Room 330

    This mixed ages class offers discussion on current problems and situations in the world of young adults and applies the biblical principles. This is a largely discussion based group where everything is open and nothing is off limits.

  • Young Families

    Wade Mercer

    Dekle 210 Upstairs

    This class explores the truths of the Bible and how those truths can be applied to our daily lives. A rotation of teachers helps ensure that the class will always be led by prepared facilitators who are receptive to differing ways to go about loving God and others. They have no desire to be another coffee club, but they do desire to know Jesus and encourage others to as well!

  • Young adults

    Julie Smith

    Dekle Upstairs

    This is a new class.  More information to come in the near future!

  • Berean

    Robert Payne

    Dekle Room 107

    Dr. Bob Payne leads this mixed age class into a very practical application of Biblical material. They enjoy an exegetical (verse-by-verse) study. Their motto is: 

    "Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path." -Psalms 119:105

  • Couples

    Dekle Room 206

    This mixed age couples class uses "Bible Studies For Life" as a curriculum that is rotated among multiple teachers weekly to ensure fresh insight and preparation!

  • Wordseekers

    Loretta Bramlette

    Dekle Room 216

    This group is designed for singles of all ages. As a multigenerational group they experience great depth of bible study together weekly. Their span of ages make it easy to quickly care for each others needs as they arise.

  • Disciples (Men)

    David Melvin

    Dekle Room 110

    This discipleship class uses "Explore The Bible" to direct its material. They are very active in the ministries of the church here at FBC and get involved regularly in community service.

  • Hannah (LADIES)

    Arnita Whelchel

    Dekle Room 101 B

    Using "Explore the Bible" literature this mixed ages Women's class stirs up a LOT of great discussions. This class has a very strong prayer life and uplift ministry. 

  • Joy BOMBS

    Karen Hughes

    Dekle Room 101

    Roundtable Discussion

  • Barnabas (OPEN)

    Jim Young

    Dekle Room 140

    This is a senior men's class studying "Explore The Bible" with good participation 75-80% weekly. They enjoy getting together and having their Quarterly fellowships.

  • Fishermans (MEN)

    Don Scurlock

    Dekle Room 130

    This senior men's class also uses "Explore The Bible" and prides themselves in deep bible study. 

  • ruth (ladies)

    Kay Foster

    Dekle Room 240 Upstairs

    This mixed ages women's class uses "Explore The Bible" as their curriculum. They are known for being one of these most caring and encouraging classes we have! 

  • Naomi Women (SENIOR)

    Jean D. Wiggins

    Dekle Room 161

    Our Naomi class is a senior women's class also using "Explore The Bible" literature. They are a small class but very caring. They have specific outreach to the local nursing homes and those who are homebound. 


    Renee Shores

    Weekday Small Group

    This is an all ages Ladies group. This is a roundtable discussion style group. Everyone reads the lesson and does personal research to provide interaction with the lessons. This group operates out of different curriculums each session.